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Invincible Season 1 Episode 4 “Neil Armstrong, Eat Your Heart Out” Review

The pressure on Nolan is building as suspicions rise and fingers continue to point his way for the utter annihilation of the Guardians of the Globe. This episode continues to build Mark’s world, throwing in some great comedic moments, giving us some classic moments from the comics. The opening scene of Mark putting a stop to the resurrection of an Egyptian threat was a lot of fun.

I’m finding that the show is keeping up a quick pace and big reveals are coming fast and thick. We experience the beginnings of Mark trying to coexist in two different worlds. As his relationship with Amber is progressing, so are his superhero responsibilities as he’s sent on a big mission accompanying a group of astronauts to Mars. Here we meet the Sequids, an alien race who have been enslaved by the Martians. Mark may consider them as pets, but they hold a much bigger threat and we see the start of this as Mark frees the astronauts from Martian imprisonment, helping them make their way home. However, his rescue hasn’t gone as swimmingly as he thinks.

Robot’s new Guardians settle into their new base and we see glimpses of him not being as clean cut as he’d like us to think, which leads to an exciting scene towards the end of the episode. He’s such a complex character and it’s funny that there are so many similarities between Robot and Spock who Zachary Quinto also played. He’s much more human than he thinks he is. We also meet the Mauler Twins again – well actually Mauler 1 and the beginnings of a new clone – even the smallest scene with them just makes me so happy.

The main story through this episode is Nolan’s attempts at staying afloat and trying to quench his wife’s suspicions. He also continues to train Mark and the show does does a great job in portraying Mark’s increasing control over his powers, while still giving Nolan that edge of strength over him. With Mark being kept busy on Mars, he takes Debbie on a romantic break to Rome and manages to pacify her (for now). There’s a really funny scene here as Nolan pleads his innocence while the city is being attacked by a dragon on a rampage and I guess his refusal to help because he’s on holiday says a lot about his character. Debbie isn’t the only one on his case though as Cecil and Damien Darkblood both have their own ways of trying to expose Nolan as a killer, which leads to huge repercussions for one of them.

It’s going to be a long 7 days waiting for the next episode…