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Titans 3×06 “Lady Vic” Review

The introduction of a new character allows us to delve deeper into the relationship between Dick and Barbara as we reach the halfway point of season 3.

Lady Vic arrives in Gotham to not only join Scarecrow in all his mayhem, but to reap revenge on Barbara for their disastrous past run in. Firstly, Kimberly-Sue Murray is awesome as the sword happy, Lady Vic (even if the British accent is a little questionable at times). As she enters the series it’s clear she poses a serious threat. Secondly, it was great to have more context for Dick and Barbara’s history, as flashbacks show us a bit of a dodgy past as well as passionate love affair.

This leads to a brilliant alleyway showdown between Lady Vic and Barbara – and Savannah Welch is incredible in these fight scenes.

My favourite parts of the episode were the interactions between Starfire and Blackfire and their mini team up with Connor. Blackfire’s arrival at Wayne Manor was hilarious as she assumes that Connor has been placed before her as a sexual gift. Damaris Lewis was fabulous once again even if her accusations towards her sister’s taste in music left a bad taste in my mouth – La Freak is a tune for goodness sake!!!!!

There is some tension building from Gar as he has started questioning Dick’s approach towards Jason. This should prove interesting as we have also seen Gar practicing and strengthening his abilities. The end of the episode brings Tim Drake back on screen which hopefully means we will be seeing more of his journey in the next few episodes.