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The Flash S4E16 ‘Run, Iris, Run’ Review

After saving everyone from Central City imploding on itself last week, Barry and the team are back to business as usual this week. I have to say by the end of the episode it seems like they actually stand a chance against DeVoe.

Harry has a breakthrough and after it comes to light that DeVoe used an intelligence booster on the night the particle accelerator exploded, he decides to create his own version to gain some smarts. Finally, he has something to smile about. Cisco isn’t happy about this as he’s worried Harry will go crazy with power and turn into a copy of DeVoe. He refuses to help Harry build it which frustrates Ralph as he’s currently refusing to step outside Star Labs in fear of his life. Cisco does come round in the end and the ‘thinking cap’ is a success, giving Harry some great extra thinking capacity.

The Flash — “Run, Iris, Run” — Image Number: FLA416b_0032b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Grant Gustin as Barry Allen and Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

A meta with the ability to blow fire from his hands is trying to rob a bank in the city. He’s stopped by the next bus meta to be discovered, Matthew Kim (who is quickly named Melting Point by Cisco). Matthew has the ability to not only take powers from other metas, but to transfer them too. He saves the day at the bank by taking the fire meta’s powers away, stopping him from getting the money he is after.

Due to getting a grilling from Ralph for playing it safe, Iris takes a break from being team leader (when was this decided?) and goes out on the field with Joe to find Matthew. They find him and start questioning him, which he doesn’t take very well to and holds a knife against Iris’ throat. Barry arrives to save his girl but in doing so his speedster powers get transferred to Iris through Matthew who is touching them both at the same time. Gasp! After an initial freak out, Iris is loving this. Barry clearly isn’t. The team worry that DeVoe could use Matthew to take all their powers if he gets to him first. Iris gets called into action pretty quickly as she goes to save people from a burning building. She does a grand job to begin with, but ends up being trapped under some debris unable to use her powers to break loose. Cisco vibes her out of danger just in the nick of time.

The Flash — “Run, Iris, Run” — Image Number: FLA416a_0098b.jpg — Pictured: Candice Patton as Iris West — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

There’s not much time for her to sit around afterwards either as it becomes apparent that Matthew transferred the fiery powers to someone who was also in the bank. Glee’s Max Adler stars as the lucky guy who finds himself with the special ability and goes crazy in the search of money too. Iris goes to stop him in a dashing purple suit Cisco quickly knocks up for her. Under Barry and Harry’s instruction she creates a tidal wave which extinguishes the fire and everyone is safe once again. Matthew is brought to Star Labs and gives Barry back is speedsterness. He feels guilty for what his powers did and the team take the opportunity to talk him into working with them before DeVoe gets his hands on him. The episode ends with Harry discovering the names of the last two bus metas thanks to the intelligence booster.

So, things we learnt this episode ….
1. Cisco does a pretty good English accent.
2. Harry does a pretty good impression of Cisco.
3. Ralph doesn’t wear underwear.

It was fun seeing Iris as a speedster and she looked pretty great in the purple suit and I also liked the purple light streaks that she gave off, but I was relieved that Barry got his powers back quite quickly. Another fab episode with some very humorous moments.