Marvel Mini #8 – Jeff Ward and Agents of SHIELD

In our Marvel mini #8 we review the whole of Jessica Jones S2 as well as the 100th episode of Agents of SHIELD. We also interview Jeff Ward who plays Deke in Agents of SHIELD and continue our Road to Infinity War watches!

00:00 – 17:39 Intro & News
17:39 – 33:48 Jessica Jones S2 Review
33:48 – 40:01 Agents of SHIELD 100th episode chat
40:03 – 40:45 BodySnatchers Podcast Ad
40:45 – 57:36 Jeff Ward interview
57:36 – 01:08:46 Road to Infinity War: Iron Man 2+3, Thor 2 & Captain America: Winter Soldier 01:08:46 – 01:10:37 Outro

Music By HeatleyBros –

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