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Supergirl S3E12 ‘For Good’ Review

Supergirl goes full on B plot this week as the show shifts its focus on Lena Luther battling her dark side, whilst the DEO try and track down the other surviving Worldkillers, teasing the clash between Supergirl and Purity that’s coming up in the next episode. There’s also a pretty interesting treat in store for fans of Lex Luthor, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for that!

Lets face it, the CW shows have a LOT of episodes in one series, and between the couple of main story arcs that are featured in the series, quite a few of them of fillers. They’re normally pretty fun, don’t get me wrong, but ‘For Good’ is definitely one of those episodes that fits into this category!

The episode kicks off with Kara dreaming about fire and destruction, her nemesis Reign is joined by two other Worldkillers, one of them is the lady we saw survive a car accident at the end of last episode, the three of them then blast Kara with their heat vision. Kara and the DEO need to find these two other Worldkillers fast, as I’m not sure they could take down the three of them combined. At the DEO headquarters Mon-El tells J’onn J’onzz and Winn everything he knows about the Worldkillers, as we learn that they were created on Krypton with some surviving the destruction of the planet, much like Kara, by landing on Earth in pods. The team identify a number of women that have survived terrible accidents that they shouldn’t have, with Kara identifying Purity from her dream straight away. Dammit Supergirl, this is such an interesting plot and you’re making me wait another week to find out more?!

Cut to Alex running an MRI on Sam, as she’s suffering mysterious blackouts, unaware of her actions as dark alter-ego Reign. The initial scans show nothing conclusive, so Alex takes a sample of blood to run some tests, interestingly the needle pierces her impenetrable skin, confirming another difference between Worldkillers and Kryptonions along with not needing Earth’s sun and being immune to Krypton. Alex convinces Sam to come clean to Kara and Luthor as she’s been lying about her missing time in a surprisingly touching scene. I do really feel for Alex and worry about what happens when Kara finally uncovers the truth about her…

And that’s about it for the current Reign story arc as the episode takes a bit of a tumble quality wise as the focus is shifted onto Lena Luthor vs. Morgan Edge, exploring her ongoing struggles with her darker family nature. I’m sorry Supergirl, I’ve really been enjoying this series so far, but you lost me here! I usually enjoy Adrian Pasdar’s performances – I thought he was great in Heroes, but Morgan Edge truly is an awfully cliched corporate bad guy! I honestly don’t care about the ongoing petty squabbles between Lena and Morgan, and the scene in which Morgan’s car remotely drives itself into the water was absolutely awful! It’s great to see James/Guardian get more screen time though, he’s been criminally underused this series which is a real shame, I just don’t think they really know what to do with his character!

The episode does however redeem itself with the return of momma Luthor (and a certain suit!) and Kara and Mon El teaming up to help take her down. It’s great to finally see Mon-El back in action and a whole lot more mature in this series, his time with the Legion of Superheroes has turned him into a great team player who finally supports Kara and works hand in hand with Winn. I really hope we get to see more of Brainy, Mon-El and Saturn Girl in play this series!

All in all ‘For Good’was an okay-ish episode; it was great to see Mon-El back in action as well as Lillian Luthor return for a brief spell, but it did feel like a bit of filler episode. What we did find out about the Worldkillers and Purity was pretty intriguing though and I’m really intrigued to see how Kara and the DEO are going to handle them both in next week’s episode!