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Review: Monthly Tee Club Subscription Box

If you’ve ever watched any of our YouTube videos you’ll know Chris is a huge fan of pop culture t-shirts – honestly his wardrobe is absolutely stuffed full of the things! We’ve previously subscribed to boxes like LootCrate and My Geek Box and he’s loved collecting all of the t-shirts, so when we heard about the Monthly Tee Club – the new subscription service that sends you a tailored and unique t-shirt every month, we had to review it!

About Monthly Tee Club

The Monthly Tee Club is a subscription service that sends you up to four t-shirts per month that are hand picked and tailored for you based on your favourite interests. All you need to do to get started is tell them about the things you love (Movies & TV, Gaming, Music etc), your t-shirt size and fit and where you’d like the t-shirt(s) sending to and huzzah, you’re away! Each t-shirt is custom printed in the UK and if you’re not happy with the quality or design, you can return the t-shirt or cancel your subscription at anytime.

The other good thing about The Monthly Tee Club is that for every month you subscribe, the company donates an item of clothing to somebody in need as part of their #Tee4aTeeProject.

How much is it and are there different plans?

The Monthly Tee Club currently offer three different plans:

Kit: £9.99 for 1 tee each month

Kaboodle: £17.99 for 2 tees each month

Kit & Kaboodle: £29.99 for 4 tees each month

Quality and fit

We were both really impressed with the quality of the t-shirt from the Monthly Tee Club delivery. Each t-shirt is 100% ringspun cotton and preshrunk to avoid shrinking in the wash and was super soft. The thickness and quality of the t-shirt resembled those in the more expensive Loot Crate boxes in comparison to the cheaper My Geek Box. The quality and finish of the Ewok print seems pretty good too and hopefully it should last a number of washes without fading and cracking!

The fit was as expected of a Mens medium t-shirt and wasn’t too baggy or snug, the neckline wasn’t too high either and the shirt had a good length. The Monthly Tee Club website also features a handy size guide so you can select the perfect fit for you! Sizes range from small to 3XL, so the company does cater for all!


So once I selected Chris’ interests (Star Wars/Trek, Marvel, Supernatural etc), the branded box arrived a couple of weeks later through the letterbox (pretty handy!) and voilà, they sent a super cute Ewok t-shirt!

The design is both adorable and fun, so perfect for Chris’ collection! Looking on their website it seems like the spin on pop culture theme runs throughout their line of t-shirts.


Overall we were both really impressed with the quality, design and service received from the Monthly Tee Club. The t-shirt design seemed original and fun and for £9.99 the plan is great value for money! If you’re a fan of pop culture t-shirts and enjoy receiving subscription boxes – this is definitely one to try out. If there’s one little thing that could be improved it’s the design of the box, as there’s only one small logo on the packaging. The branding could be stronger on the inside and outside of the box, as other competitors such as Loot Crate have really detailed interiors.

We’d give The Monthly Tee Club two big thumbs up!

Visit to sign up and get your first tee for £5 – Use the discount code “FIVER” at the product page.

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