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Prime Video drops the first scene from ‘The Wheel of Time’ season two

Prime Video announced that the first scene from Season Two of The Wheel of Time is now available to view at the end of the Season One finale episode (Episode 108) as a special surprise bonus for fans. 

This sneak peek of the new season reflects the structure of the best-selling and epic The Wheel of Time book series by Robert Jordan, on which the Amazon Original series is based, where at the end of each novel, Jordan would add the first chapter of the next book as a preview. 

In an additional homage to the show’s inspiration, the scene which has been made available—the opening from Episode 201—is an adaptation of the fan favourite “Darkfriend Social” prologue of the second novel of Jordan’s series, The Great Hunt, upon which Season Two is largely based.

Season Two of The Wheel of Time is also based on some elements of Jordan’s third novel, The Dragon Reborn, and will premiere exclusively on Prime Video on 1st September.

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