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Podcast #59 – Chris Wildgoose and Free Comic Book Day

In this episode we interview Chris Wildgoose who is the current artist on DC’s Batgirl rebirth comics. He chats to us about his favourite superheroes, how he got into drawing comics and also who his pick to play Batgirl is in Joss Whedon’s upcoming film. We also discuss the latest trailer releases including Wonder Woman, we review the Free Comic Book Day comics we picked up & also answer your questions – enjoy!

00:00 – 13:06 Intro & News
13:06 – 24:59 New Trailers
24:59 – 39:20 Chris Wildgoose Interview
39:20 – 49:57 Free Comic Book Day reviews
49:57 – 01:01:14 Q&A
01:01:14 – 01:03:40 Outro

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