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Mindhorn Review

Written by Louie Fecou

A quick look through Twitterverse suggests I may be the only person to have seen this film. That’s maybe not true, but it’s a hook to get you to read. The film in question is Mindhorn….nope still nothing?

Let me explain.

Mindhorn was a terrific 80’s cop/sci-fi show that starred Richard Thorncroft and ran for 3 great series. (No it wasn’t).

It has gathered a cult following, but since the end of the run, Richard has found it hard to secure other parts. When he gets the call from the Isle of Man police force, asking for his assistance in catching a killer, Richard dons his old, now ill fitting, Mindhorn clothes, and sets off to help out, with the intention of kickstarting his failed career. Cue lots of bizarre situations, including uncovering a dastardly plot that goes right to the top of the tree (in the Isle of Man).

There are also some great cameos from the likes of Kenneth Brannagh and Steve Coogan,adding to an often strange blurring of reality and fiction. The laughs come from the areas you would expect. Ageing washed up TV star still thinks he has what it takes to play Mindhorn while everyone else round about him has moved on.

However, there is a heart to this film and although we initially cringe at every situation, we are eventually won over by Mindhorn, and new sidekick Kestrel played by Russell Tovey. The laughs are all in place, and work most of the time. The whole thing plays though, like an extended Channel 4 comedy pilot, but that needn’t be a bad thing.

It’s fast paced, and the flashbacks to 80’s TV are brilliant. Think Manimal or Dempsey and Makepiece for a template to work from. This is a fun film that will appeal to people who may be familiar with the type of show that Mindhorn is parodying. Everyone gives it their all, and there are a few real laugh out loud moments.

When we saw the film at the cinema, there were only 16 people there, but it seemed that they all enjoyed it, you can tell by the laughs at these things, so if you get a chance go now and catch Mindhorn because ironically it will be out on DVD soon, and I don’t want to explain that line, because it will spoil the gag in the last reel if you decide to go.


Rating: 7 out of 10