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Harley Quinn 2×09 “Bachelorette” Review

Following the gang’s bonkers trip to Apokolips last week, Harley’s once again travelling to a brand new location in the DC universe, this time round it’s to the home of Wonder Woman and the Amazons. Yep that’s right, Harley takes Ivy to the tropical paradise island of Themyscira for her bachelorette party in one of the show’s most hilarious yet heartbreaking episodes yet!

Ahead of their upcoming wedding, its bachelor/bachelorette party time for Kite Man and Ivy. Harley’s arranged a luxurious spa retreat to Themyscira for the eco warrier, but with guests Mrs Freeze, Catwoman and Jennifer proving difficult to please, she’s got her work cut out for her to organise a successful weekend. Meanwhile, Kite Man heads out to see with Clayface, King Shark and Frank the Plant for his bachelor party, but his plans get thrown overboard when a talking lobster commands King Shark to return underwater to save their kingdom.

Opening with a hilarious running gag about birds when they encounter the invisible jet, “Bachelorette” kicks the episode off with a fun plot as Harley attempts to keep everybody happy whilst trying to completely ignore her complicated feelings for her best friend. Only problem is, as soon as she and Ivy get a little drunk, they end up in bed together – bit of an issue!

In a brilliant twist, Harley reveals that the trip’s actually a disguise for an eco-warrior campaign, as the Amazon’s have been mind controlled by Luthor Corp to turn their island haven into a commercialised resort. The Cobb Squad (aka the bachelorette party) kick ass and free the warriors, and to celebrate they all “have a f*****g rager” with some absolutely hilarious results.

This episode further delves into the central relationship between the best friends and how its evolved into the heart of the series. Both characters have undergone a fantastic arc this season and this makes it all the more heartbreaking to see Harley finally come to terms with her feelings for Ivy, finally admitting she loves her in a beautiful moment.

Overlooking the spectacular landscape of Themyscira, Harley suggests the two enjoying spending their lives together helping amazing women and having great sex, but here’s where the writers hit you with the sucker punch. Ivy’s clearly looking for something more stable and secure with Kite Man, and finally admits that she trusts Harley with her life… but not with her heart. Ouch.

Meanwhile, Kite Man’s seemingly boring bachelor party quickly descends into chaos as a talking lobster (voiced by guest star Phil Lamaar) drags King Shark back ‘under the sea’ in an immature but pretty funny spoof of The Little Mermaid. It’s great to see King Shark’s backstory fleshed out a little more, particularly as the crew have been sidelined a little this series to focus on the growing relationship between Harley and Ivy.


“Bachelorette” proves another fantastic entry in a brilliant second series, as the writers deftly combine bonkers comedy with true depth and emotional clout, resulting in a heartbreaking outcome. With only three episodes to go, are you team Harlivy or Kite Man?!