Episode #106 – Captain Marvel Review + Interview with The Orville’s Mark Jackson

In this episode we review the latest addition to the Marvel cinematic universe – Captain Marvel! We’re also joined by The Orville star Mark Jackson to talk all things Isaac and the Kaylon and in Hulk Topics we discuss your favourite women in superhero properties on screen!

00:00:00 – 00:21:11 Intro & AHWTH
00:21:11 – 00:41:13 Captain Marvel spoiler free review
00:41:13 – 00:46:42 Captain Marvel spoiler filled talk
00:46:42 – 01:02:09 Mark Jackson The Orville Interview
01:02:09 – 01:03:31 Competition
01:03:31 – 01:18:41 Hulk Topics – favourite females in superhero properties
01:18:41 – 01:20:43 Outro

Music By HeatleyBros – youtube.com/user/HeatleyBros

Animated version of the interview:

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