Podcast #56 – Josh Segarra and The Fast and the Furious 8

In this episode we interview Josh Segarra who stars in series 5 of Arrow. He chats to us about his experience on set and what other CW DC shows he’d love to star in. We also discuss the return of Doctor Who, we review Fast and the Furious 8 & also Deadpool vs. the Punisher #1 – enjoy!

00:00 – 22:46 Intro & News

22:46 – 33:12 Doctor Who Pilot Review

33:12 – 53:11 Josh Segarra Interview

53:11 – 1:07:11 Fast & The Furious 8

1:07:11 – 1:14:09 Deadpool vs. The Punisher #1

1:14:09 – 1:40:32 Listener Questions 1:40:32 – 1:44:02 Outro



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