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DC Exhibition: Dawn of Superheroes Review + Video

Following a hugely successful run in Paris, the DC Exhibition: Dawn of Superheroes has come to the O2 in London – and if you’re a fan of DC films/TV/comics – you will LOVE this!

The exhibition is full to the brim of iconic film costumes with amazing original comic artwork and really intriguing concept artwork adorning all of the walls. As you enter the exhibition you’re giving a hand held audio device which gives you more information and interesting trivia on the different parts around the displays, adding an extra layer to the exhibit.

As you move into the first set of rooms is clear you’re in Superman heaven as there’s plenty of original comic artwork, concepts from Man of Steel and most importantly, the iconic Christopher Reeve Superman costume from the 1978 movie! Also on show is the Clark Kent costume from Superman II, Brandon Routh’s costume from Superman Returns and Henry Cavill’s suits from Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman. It’s absolutely amazing how much detail goes into these suits, including the Superman emblem on the back of Brandon Routh’s boots and the Kryptonian writing featured on Henry Cavill’s suits.

Also featured in the Superman section is some never-before-seen concept art and model from the cancelled film Superman Lives, which was set to star Nicolas Cage as the titular superhero with Tim Burton on directing duties.

You turn the corner and BAM! you’re in the Batman section of the exhibit which features costumes, props and concept art from the Tim Burton, Joel Schumacher (yes the nipple suit!), Christopher Nolan trilogy and most recently Snyder’s Batman v Superman film. As a HUGE fan of the Nolan films I especially enjoyed seeing Heath Ledger’s Joker suit, the creepy clown masks and the Batpod. Turn the corner and Ben Affleck’s suits from Batman v Superman were featured, and the Mech Batsuit was just insanely huge, it must have been so heavy!

Next up is the Wonder Woman room featuring another iconic suit front and centre – Lynda Carter’s classic costume! Also featured is Gal Gadot’s costume from the most recent Wonder Woman film accompanied by plenty of concept and costume art featuring Steve Rogers and the Amazonians.

The last room showcases the amazing artwork from some of the most iconic DC comic books, featuring Alex Ross, Jim Lee, Darwyn Cooke, Neal Adams, Jerry Ordway, Frank Miller and John Cassaday. It’s fantastic to see just how much detail goes into the comic book covers, you can literally see the pencil lines, scribbles and details that have been stuck onto the covers! It’s great to finally see these artists get a whole area devoted to their work.

The DC Exhibition: Dawn of Superheroes opens to the public on 23rd February and will run until 9th September at The O2 in London. For more information and to book your tickets, head over to

Check out the photos and video we took in the gallery below!

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