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Review: ‘Zero Jumper’ from Alterna Comics

Zero Jumper is the latest four issue mini series getting a release through the amazing Alterna comics. If you are getting into comics, can I suggest you have a look at my previous pieces on Alterna, and check out some of their brilliant series. The articles are here on the site, and for a new collector, or just someone interested in getting into comics, Alterna is a company that produces comics, for everyone.

Zero Jumper is a sci fi adventure that is aimed at a younger age group than myself. However, it should be said that even at my age, (I am SO old) I still found a lot to enjoy here. First off, it’s written and drawn by Patrick Mullholland, who I don’t know much about, but it might be fair to say there is a Manga influence at work here. Patrick’s art style will be familiar to Manga fans, and his crisp clean style is exciting and tight, just the way it should be for this type of comic.

We follow the adventures of Juno and her AI side kick, iO, as they crash land on alien ground and have to hit the ground running. Juno has access to zero point energy, which is very rare, and allows you to travel back in time a few minutes, trouble is, Juno needs more, a whole lot more, to sort out some real serious issues.

The opening gambit shows us Juno’s first jump, which is a bit of a disaster. Using the zero energy, she has to rewind and try the whole thing again. It’s a clever story telling device, a bit timey-wimey, and the issue cracks along at a good pace. Patrick keeps the action maintained for the entire issue, and leaves us with an intriguing final act, that set’s the rest of the series up nicely.

To be honest, I am really not the target audience for this book, but trust me here, if you see a copy of Zero Jumper and you are a comic book fan, you have to pick this
up. Alterna comics have an amazing price point of $1.50, they achieve this by printing on newsprint that looks and smells wonderful. If you are an older comics fan, that sentence will probably make sense, but if you are a millennial, you might need a bit of research to understand what I mean but just run with it.

Zero Jumper is a well written and beautifully drawn comic that is exciting and interesting. If it’s not your bag, pass it on to someone you know. For $1.50, you literally have very little to lose, and if you love the comic, and I know many of you out there will, then you will have discovered a hidden gem that could lead you into a whole new comic world of fun and opportunity.

Check it out and let me know what you think below!