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Comic Book Review: The Wicked Righteous – Exodus Issue 1 Volume 2

The Wicked Righteous Exodus Volume #2
Alterna Comics

Written by: Terry Mayo
Art by: Lucas Romero

“Lucas Godspeed and his family have made it out of post-apocalyptic San Diego and are journeying through the waste lands of Southern California. But trouble follows close behind and the group discovers that the grass isn’t always greener, even in Orange County.”

From creator and writer Terry Mayo, and artist, colorist Lucas Romero, comes the second volume of Alterna hit the Wicked Righteous. This is another 6 issue series that picks up from where the last one finished off.

We start in flashback, two years ago when things are going rapidly down hill for everyone in the San Diego area. It’s a bleak start, but the events are recalled later in the issue when two of our leads find themselves in deadly danger.

The first issue of this second volume sees the creative team in a much more confident place. The story telling is well paced, and the dialogue between our main characters flows well, as if the creators have become comfortable with the way they should all sound, and act.

The art in this volume is also on point. Artist Lucas Romero has a graceful fluid style in his inks, that looks more like brush work than pen work. His establishing shots look good, and the panels are detailed well, something a lot of modern artists sometimes over look. Towards the end of this first issue we get some nice action and it should be noted that this is for a more mature reader than some other Alterna

It’s a great first issue, and fans of the original series should be glad to see the return of these characters, and this story. With the cast separated, and under attack, the issue ends on a cliffhanger that should help pull readers back into the next issue. If you haven’t read the first 6 issue run of this title, you can order it as a collected edition, and I would recommend reading that before jumping into this.

All in all The Wicked Righteous is great story that deserves this second run, and I hope that the creative team manage to resolve some scheduling issues, and get the next issues out whenever they can