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Avengers: Infinity War Spoiler Free Review

Well that happened.

It’s been a long wait for fans to get to Infinity War. We’ve been teased with glimpses of Thanos and speculation over the Infinity Gems for a long time now, so Marvel had a lot on the line. Get it wrong and there would be a lot of unhappy fans out there. The good news is, this film delivers. Everything you expect is here, and obviously I’m not going to spoil anything for you, but let’s just say that Infinity War is exactly the film you probably expect.

The gang are all here, everyone from Rocket Raccoon to Doctor Strange, and the characters are all so well rounded at this point, that every scene felt written with love and attention to their backstory and previous adventures. One of the joys of the film, is seeing the Marvel big hitters sharing scenes together. The whole thing is just one big nerd fest and that’s just what we wanted.

The action gets going very quickly which was surprising for a film with 149 minutes to fill, but the run time is not an obstacle here as there’s a lot of people looking for screen time. With multiple locations to get to, groups break up then team up to cover so much ground. Needless to say that when our heroes find themselves in Edinburgh, an audible gasp ran through the audience in Scotland that I watched this with. If there is one gripe that might come up, it’s the short amount of screen time devoted to the big players, it has to be expected in a film so dense with incredible characters though, and in context it should be forgivable.

As far as the plot goes, Thanos is after the Infinity Gems and our heroes are trying to stop him. You probably know that already, and without sounding trite, that’s pretty much the way the film plays out. It’s the way in which things happen that is so entertaining though. The action sequences are incredible, the fight scenes fantastic and the character moments veer from humour to darkness with incredible ease. In fact I would venture there are moments here that are among the darkest we have seen from Marvel, but with the stakes so high, it’s only right that the tone should shift quite drastically.

Perhaps the biggest revelation comes in the portrayal of Thanos himself. Marvel has had it’s fair share of being bashed online from critics that say they can’t come up with a decent villain. Well, this film shatters that mould quite dramatically with Josh Brolin’s Thanos. Never has a Marvel villain had so much attention than here. It seems that the Russo brothers, in the directors chairs, made a concerted effort to shine the spotlight so brightly onto the villain. Thanos is the most well rounded and motivated villain we have seen from Marvel since The Vulture in Homecoming. Hard to imagine, but there are moments in the final reel when you almost understand his psychopathic outlook on the universe that he inhabits. That’s quite a feat when you think about it, but if you squint slightly at the screenplay, you can see the writers and directors really trying something different here.

All in all Infinity War will be a runaway success for Marvel again. It’s incredible to think that this is the 19th film from the franchise, and there is still no signs that they are running out of steam. Everyone may expect the superhero bubble to burst soon, but when the quality is this good it’s hard to envisage a time in the near future when these films don’t make money.

Infinity War is an incredible piece of film making, the logistics and scale of what they were doing must have seemed like madness, but all involved have pulled it off with aplomb, and the fact that Scotland was so involved just made my heart swell even more. If you have any interest in this genre at all, you must go and see it, and there’s one post credit sequence you should probably hang around for. I feel you will be hard pressed to see a better super hero film all year.

Rating: 9 out to 10