Vikings: Bjorn Versus The Bear

When Vikings returns February 18 on the History channel, Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) is set to have his own Revenent moment when he travels into the wilderness to try and prove himself to his parents. “Both Ragnar and Lagertha, in their own way, had tried to keep Bjorn as a child, not respecting him as an equal,” Vikings creator and writer Michael Hirst explains to EW. “So Bjorn takes off into the wilderness to prove, both to himself and Ragnar, that he can survive in the most extreme conditions. He’s in the interior of Norway, over a winter.”

We sent Alexander to Canada, in the winter. We made him jump into an ice hole in the lake. We tortured him! Which,” Hirst hastens to add, “he was delighted by.”

Hirst also teases that Bjorn may have even bigger problems in the show. “There are other forces that turn out to be plotting against him there.”

Check out the exclusive sneak peeks of the fight below, courtesy of EW.






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