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Truth Seekers Season 1 Review

Born from their shared love of the paranormal, supernatural comedy Truth Seekers is the first project from Nick Frost and Simon Pegg’s production company, Stolen Picture. The Cornetto duo have teamed up with writers Nat Saunders and James Serafinowicz for their first TV series since the cult classic, Spaced. Featuring influences from classic films and books, the series feels very much like Ghostbusters crossed with Doctor Who, resulting in a hugely fun outing full of heart (and references!)

Directed by Jim Field-Smith, Truth Seekers centres on Gus (Nick Frost), a paranormal enthusiast who’s SMYLE’s number one broadband installer. His boss Dave (Simon Pegg) partners him with new recruit Elton (Samson Kayo), and the two team up to film their paranormal adventures for Gus’ YouTube channel. However as they uncover an increasingly terrifying case, complete with a book made out of flesh and blood, a worrying conspiracy seems to be emerging which could bring about Armageddon…

This supernatural-comedy horror features Pegg and Frosts’ signature sharply comedic takes whilst lovingly poking fun of the genre. As the pair used to be big ghost hunters themselves, spending many of their weekends seeking out the paranormal, there’s a lot of references to the genre weaved throughout the series. The show is also highly bingeable; the eight episodes clock in at just over 20 minutes each, normally closing with a gripping cliffhanger – emploring you to watch the next chapter. The series is also heavily serialised, featuring a captivating main arc across the run, alongside a really fun ‘ghost of the week’ type format for each episode. Gus, Elton and Astrid visit various haunted establishments while installing broadband for Smyle – whether that’s in the region of the Beast of Bodmin, a house with a missing dog or Britain’s third-most haunted hotel. All the while they film their adventures for Gus’ YouTube channel, (yes a huge Most Haunted nod!)

Bolstered by a wonderful chemistry between the core cast, there’s just something hugely likeable and earnest about the show, particularly with the unique British angle. There’s an affection for prawn cocktail crisps and the (brilliant) quiz show The Chase, while Gus’ sister creates a Dalek cosplay for Coventry Collectible Cosplay Convention. The supernatural-comedy also has a lot of heart to it; as the main gang work through various emotional issues such as coming to terms with loss, agrophobia and childhood trauma, thanks to the strengthening friendships. There’s also a couple of smart twists and turns along the way, along with a hilarious plot about broadband rollout covering for something else: winking at the bonkers 5G conspiracy theorists out there.

Samson Kayo as Elton, Nick Frost as Gus Roberts

The central pairing of Frost and Kayo really is fantastic; their growing chemistry throughout the series gives a real sense of friendship and camaraderie, as Gus begrudgingly takes Elton under his wing. It’s also great to see Nick Frost front and centre, following his brilliant turn in Fighting with My Family, with Simon Pegg’s Dave (and his hilarious wig) fixed in Smyle HQ. As the duo save and subsequently pair up with the mysterious Astrid to film their paranormal investigations, there’s a real feeling of joining old friends on exciting, nerdy adventures. However co-star Malcolm McDowell steals all the scenes as Gus’ hilariously cantankerous father, as he lovingly bickers with his on-screen son. His blossoming friendship with Susan Wokoma’s agoraphobic make-up YouTuber also adds a lot of warmth to the show, particularly with their hilarious shared love of The Chase!

For fans of the Cornetto trilogy and Pegg/Nick’s previous work, there’s plenty of their signature editing style, comedy and practical effects featured in Truth Seekers. The ghost scenes and paranormal elements are well woven into the show, with the team using a combination of creepy settings, jump scares and tension to bring the horror aspects to life. There’s a whole lot of energy and suspense to these scenes, particularly helped with Elton’s hilarious nervousness, as they explore these reportedly haunted settings such as underground bunkers and a haunted institute turned into luxury apartments. Other than the burning ghosts in the opening episodes, the paranormal aspects thankfully aren’t hugely terrifying, but there is a particularly creepy possessed doll to look out for. And yes, there’s some brilliant Ghostbusters-eque homemade ghost-detecting gizmos featured!


Truth Seekers is a hugely enjoyable and entertaining supernatural comedy, perfect for your next binge watch at Halloween! Featuring the perfect blend of horror and comedy, along with a lot of heart and love for the genre, there’s a lot for fans to look forward to when the series debuts on Amazon Prime Video later this month.


4 dark stars out of 5 stars

Truth Seekers launches on Prime Video on Friday 30th October.