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Titans S3x04 “Blackfire” Review

Last week’s explosive episode majorly impacts two members of the team. Connor is feeling incredible amounts of guilt and just altogether useless, which has ignited a panic for when his Lex side takes over. That’s not going to be ideal, but I’m pretty sure it will be a whole heap of fun to watch eventually. Dawn would disagree though as she’s firmly placed all the blame on herself and decides to leave for Paris. I hope we see her back soon and I hope she has more impact on the show if and when she does return.

As the title would indicate, Starfire is brought to the forefront as her visions intensify which isn’t a good time for Gar. She’s drawn to her sister and this makes for some great scenes. Who doesn’t enjoy some sibling rivalry? And there’s a lot going on between Starfire and her sister, Blackfire. Both Anna Diop and Damaris Lewis are brilliant in this episode and I have to say it was great that Blackfire managed to make more impact than she did in season 2. They argue, they fight and kind of put aside their differences. I’m looking forward to more.

Dick isn’t have a very good day either. He infiltrates Scarecrow’s prison transfer after being attacked in prison and there’s some brilliant back and forth between the two of them. Dick really seems to have got his shit together this season and appears to be in control. That is until anything involves Red Hood and there’s another fun fight scene between the pair towards the end of the episode.


Blackfire is another quality episode, but I will say I expected to see a little more fall out after Hank’s death. The pacing is great though and there is so much being set up. Can I also give a quick mention to Schitt’s Creek’s Karen Robinson who I’m very much enjoying when we see her working alongside Barbara.