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Titans 3×12 ‘Prodigal’

Episode 12 is quite a turning point for season 3 and it brings about new beginnings and a super sized wedge in the team.

I mean, it was quite obvious that Dick wasn’t going to die but his ‘rebirth’ resulted in a bit of an eye roll. With Rachel sensing he’s in trouble, her and Gar find him lying cold in the proverbial gutter. Watching the bats carry Dick off was quite spectacular, but the convenience of the lazarus pit being just around the corner was just annoying.

After being dropped into the pit, Dick experiences different visions in his subconscious at the hand of Scarecrow who seems to be there to point out all of his mistakes as well as a roll call of all the people who have been injured or perished due to Dick’s decisions. He has made some horrendous choices this season but that has mainly been due to him feeling the need to do everything alone. Some of his visions were quite interesting, especially the one with his daughter calling for him!

Elsewhere, for a moment I went into a panic thinking that Blackfire was about to fly off home after Kory confessed the truth about their powers. Luckily, Conner puts a stop to this with the best of intentions (or he’s just being selfish because he doesn’t want her to leave him). Being coated in kryptonite by Dick last week has left a sour taste in his mouth and it doesn’t take much for Blackfire to convince him that the Titans are no good for him. This is the start of seeing his darker side as his whole stance has changed. I don’t like it, but I also LOVE it.

The shock in Jason’s face when a rejuvenated Dick comes back from the dead is priceless. These scenes were really great and for first time Dick was completely honest with Jason. No he’s never going to be a Titan again, but they need to work together now to stop Scarecrow. The fact that they’ve both been through the lazarus pit probably gives them a stronger bond than anything they’ve shared before and Dick’s honesty could be the start of them both putting their differences aside and working together.

It’s the season finale next week and I’m hoping for a proper big Titans team up which results in Scarecrow being sent straight back to Arkham.