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Titans 3×11 ‘The Call Is Coming From Inside The House’ Review

There’s a lot going on in episode 11 as the Titans split up on their own little missions.

Scarecrow has certainly settled into Wayne Manor. Looking like he’s dressed in his Dad’s clothes after raiding Bruce’s wardrobe, he manages to find files on him which send him spiralling. By the end of the episode he’s lost it and it’s a poor pizza delivery guy who bares the brunt of his lunacy.

After loosing her powers, Kory manages to track down the baby from her visions. An altercation sends her into another – right back to when she was born. The twist here was really interesting as we observe her parents’ realisation that she doesn’t have any powers. In fact, Blackfire was born with them but had them taken away and given to Kory. She does regain her powers back though in this episode and she can feel that they’re different. Are we about to see an even stronger Starfire?

Donna and Rachel’s returns see them connect with Tim and Gar as Donna is trying to find her team mates who are in hiding after having been blamed for the poisoned water. It looks like she and Tim are about to join the war on the streets in tackling the mess Scarecrow has created. Rachel and Gar start searching for the Lazarus Pit and once again we see the improved control Rachel has with her abilities. I’m really dying to see more from her.

Jason addresses the city from the Batcave and challenges Dick to a final showdown. Dick really has been a bit of a dick this season. He’s pushed the rest of his team away as he continuously goes off by himself. Conner is pushed to the side again as Dick takes steps to keep him safe at home. He really should just accept the help, because things aren’t looking great for him as the episode wraps up.

Vincent Kartheiser really shone this week (again) and he’s shifted a gear in what Scarecrow has planned. I’m hoping that we will finally get to see some great action from the Titans as an actual team in the last two episodes.