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Titans 3×09 ‘Souls’ Review

Finally, Rachel and Donna are back on our screens for one of season 3’s best episodes.

We are taken to Themyscira where Rachel is living with the Amazonians and being trained by them. There’s a clear change in her persona – a new maturity and with that it was great to see her back. At times she hasn’t been showcased in the most appealing way so I’m hopeful that this is a turning point for Rachel. She’s spending a lot of time trying to bring Donna back from the dead but Donna has been kept busy in a purgatory where she seems trapped on an endless train journey.

It’s here that Donna meets Tim who is there too after his fatal injuries last week. Tim escapes the train, Donna joins him and eventually runs into Hank who is having the time of his afterlife cruising around the town blasting Bon Jovi. These 3 characters made for a great mini team up and what the episode mostly gave us was a deserving send off for Hank. It reminded us what a great character he is with lots of little fun moments, like his fiasco trying to find a weapon, and a really joyful ending. We miss you Alan Ritchson!

We also find Bruce in quite a bad place and after finalising his will, Donna shows up just in time to save him. I can only imagine Bruce has been brought back to kick off Tim’s proper introduction but at this point, do we really need him to keep popping up?

I’m very excited to see Rachel and Donna properly reunited with their team mates and maybe with Rachel back, Gar will have more purpose.