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Titans 3×08 “Home” Review

If it started to look like the Titans were beginning to have the upper hand last week, Scarecrow definitely proves them (and us) wrong in Home.

Episode 8 cements a feeling of family within the team as a meeting is set up between Jason and Dick. I’m unsure if Jason is genuinely looking for forgiveness or if this is all just part of the bigger picture, but surprisingly Dick is all ears. It’s the rest of the team who show resistance in welcoming him back with open arms. However, Jason using actors to play Hank and Dawn in an ‘adult’ shop did show he has remorse for his actions. I’m going to mention here too how underused Gar is becoming. Criminally. And it’s almost as if he’s becoming a well placed pawn who serves to join parts of the story together.

We met Tim Drake in episode 1 and again a few weeks ago when Jason was on a rampage. This week Jay Lycurgo sets Tim’s journey off by meeting Dick with photographic proof that he is both Nightwing and Robin. This was quite funny, especially when he innocently admits he’s got copies of his proof. I like that Tim is being introduced to the show slowly as other aspects of this season have played out at an accelerated rate. I also liked his introduction as it shows what a different kind of Robin he will be.

Scarecrow has dialled his game up to 10. Murdering his mother and then using the Titans to complete his newest mission shows just how smart and conniving he is. Starfire lands them all in some literal hot water and the residents of Gotham are in for a ride.

This was a solid episode which sets up what’s to come in the final few episodes of the season. Surely it’s all out carnage from here on out?