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Titans 3×05 “Lazarus” Review

A time jump to 3 months ago tells the tale of the birth of Red Hood.

What I really liked about this episode was seeing the intricate relationship between Jason and Bruce. We’ve had the idea of Bruce being manipulative planted a few episodes ago and I think Lazarus explores that further as well as giving us further insight into the pressure Jason feels of living in Dick’s shadow.

It’s clear that Jason lives for Bruce’s approval and within the episode there’s a moment which draws Jason closer to him before he practically takes everything away with the snap of a finger. It’s that decision that leads Jason down a dangerous road, making the stupid decision to take on the Joker himself.

I’m sure we all thought there was more to come from Scarecrow and this episode confirms that. Not only is he working with Jason/ Red Hood, he appears to be the brain behind the brawn. Vincent Kartheiser was truly fantastic throughout episode 5 playing Crane with genius and crazy in equal measure as we watch him groom a broken Jason. I also have to say Curran Walters is also giving us something incredible with his transformation.

As the title would suggest, this episode also introduces the Lazarus pit to the series as the gaps are filled and we see Jason’s journey between being killed by the Joker and his reappearance as Gotham’s latest threat.

This was a really great episode with lots of story filling and brilliant character building. As menacing as Red Hood is, there’s still a little good in there. Will Dick be able to appeal to that side?