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The Road to ‘Picard’ – Meet the main new characters of the series.

With Star Trek: Picard debuting later today on CBS All Access in the US and tomorrow on Amazon Prime Video in the UK, Patrick Stewart finally returns as the iconic Jean-Luc Picard.

The seasoned actor is joined by a number of new (and returning) cast members, find out more about Picard’s new crew as he ventures on a journey of discovery!

Isa Briones as Dahj

Where we’ve seen Isa Briones:

If you’re a musical fan, you’ll probably know Briones as the youngest star to land a main role in hit show Hamilton. Otherwise her main role has been in TV series American Crime Story.

What we know about Dahj:

Dahj is a mysterious young woman with seemingly extraordinary abilities who seeks out Picard to help her discover more.

Michelle Hurd’s Raffi Musiker

Where we’ve seen Michelle Hurd:

Hurd is most known for her role as Monique Jeffries in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit along with TV roles in Blindspot, Hawaii Five-O, Lethal Weapon and Daredevil.

What we know about Raffi:

Raffi is a bit of a complicated character; she’s a security analyst and a hacking genius who has a bit of a complicated history with Picard and Starfleet. She actually previously worked with Picard when she was a Starfleet intelligence officer, but since her departure from the organisation, is struggling with certain vices.

Santiago Cabrera as Cristobal “Chris” Rios

Where we’ve seen Santiago Cabrera:

The actor is most well known for his small screen roles as Issac Mendez in Heroes, Joseph Bachman in Big Little Lies, Lancelot in Merlin and Aramis in BBC’s adaptation of The Musketeers. He’s also starred on the big screen in Transformers: The Last Stand.

What we know about Chris:

Chris is the Han Solo-esque ex-Starfleet officer who will Picard hires to pilot his adventure. Along with being a pilot, he’s a bit of a rebel and a skilled thief!

Alison Pill’s Dr. Agnes Jurati

Where we’ve seen Alison Pill:

If, like us, you’ve been wracking you’re brain trying to place where you’ve seen Alison Pill before – don’t worry, let us save you some time! She’s previously played drummer Kim Pine in Scott Pilgrim vs the World, along with roles in The Newsroom, In Treatment and Goon.

What we know about Dr. Agnes:

Dr Agnes is an enthusiastic and smart scientist at the Daystrom Institute who Picard seeks out to help decipher a certain mystery regarding Synthetics…

Evan Evagora as Elnor

Where we’ve seen Evan Evagora:

This is the Aussie’s actor first major role in TV – and what a debut role to land! He’s also set to star as Nick Taylor in horror series Fantasy Island later this year.

What we know about Elnor:

Elnor is a young Romulan refugee who was amazingly raised by a sect of warrior nuns(!). He’s an exp