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The Gifted season 2 episode 12 ‘hoMe’ review

Contains Spoilers!

I just have to say, before I get into this week’s review of The Gifted, that I’m completely heartbroken about Polaris’s choice to leave Thunderbird and the Mutant Underground. As much as I predicted what might happen in this episode, I totally wasn’t ready for it, especially the subsequent scene of Thunderbird cuddling Zingo the dog for comfort, argh! Blink continues to be the most well rounded and X-Men like character on the show, I’m sure she’ll still be around as part of the Morlock’s storyline, but even so, this is a real blow!

Other than that gut punch, in this week’s slightly uneven episode of The Gifted, Caitlin and Lauren visit Danny to see if he can dig up some dirt on Reva and her connection with the Purifiers, while Lorna starts to spy on the Inner Circle and gain intel for the Mutant Underground. Meanwhile Marcos, Thunderbird and Blink pick up Erg and head to the meeting between the leaders of the Mutant Underground to prepare for the next steps against the Inner Circle, but things don’t go as smoothly as planned…

Let’s kick things off with the Struckers, and as I said in last week’s episode, I’m super worried about Lauren, especially as her new powers knocked down Andy in their shared dream, leaving him with a pretty serious nosebleed as he woke. Also her current obsession with the Von Strucker’s music box is not just affecting her, but her father too. When Reed discovers the half translated letter hidden in the music box while Lauren travels to Atlanta with Caitlin, it brings back memories of his fixation of the object, triggering his destructive powers. I’m sensing it’s not going to be long until someone cracks…

Back at the Inner Circle, the Frosts discover the aftermath of Lauren’s attack on Andy and seize the opportunity to try and recruit Lauren through his mind – because that’s not creepy at all?! What’s worse is that if Lauren doesn’t join them, then they’re going to kill her. Surely Andy wouldn’t let that happen though? Meanwhile Polaris continues to play double agent as she spies on the new recruits and tries to find out more of Reva’s plans, sharing everything with Marcos and the Mutant Underground. I genuinely can’t see this ending very well for Polaris though, surely someone’s going to find out soon, that’s if they don’t already know…?

Meanwhile Thunderbird, Marcos and Blink meet with Evangeline and pick Org to take him to the meeting between the leaders of the Mutant Underground. Along the way they find out that Evangeline actually blackmailed Org into coming, as she knows where all of their tunnels are located and supposedly threatened to leak the information if he didn’t attend. As they’re nearing the meeting location, Polaris calls Marcos warning them about the new recruits mission to assassinate someone in the Mutant Underground. The gang race to get to the building, but they’re too late, and tragedy has struck as numerous mutants have been killed in the explosion following the assassination attempt. Seeing body bags being wheeled out of the wreckage really hit me, how could the Inner Circle does this to their own kind?!

Overall ‘hoMe’ was a pretty tough episode to watch; what with Blink’s tragic past and the death of many mutants at the hands of the Inner Circle. Hey at least we got to see Zingo the dog though, right?! Surely Andy and Polaris can’t ignore this dark act? Another intriguing part of the episode was how quickly the Sentinel Services tried to use Danny to set Caitlin and Lauren up after mentioning Reeva – just how far does her reach and influence go?