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The Flash S4E17 – Null and Annoyed Review

Uber geek referencing, cool cameos and some game changers – it’s all going on this week!

So a joint effort brings the team to find the penultimate bus meta, Janet Petty (Null). She’s making the most of her power, which is a weird ability to tamper with gravity, by robbing and stealing. A fab cameo from Kevin Smith shows her using her powers to take anything and everything she wants.

Marlize is getting more and more worried about Clifford’s health, especially after he tells her he thinks he has about a week left until his newest host body completely shuts down. Marlize begins to research how she can prevent this from happening but in doing so discovers that she’s being drugged. Clifford is drugging her with love so that she stays in line and complies with what he wants. It’s really sad watching her discovery unfold and as she goes to save a video she’s recorded to remind her future self of what’s happening, she finds that she’s done this before. As Clifford creeps up on her it becomes clear that Marlize is reliving the same day over and over again as he is still putting his plans into action in the background. Marlize has been one of my most favourite things about this season. She’s clearly got something that plays a crucial part of Clifford’s plans but I’m thinking that surely along the way she’s going to find a way to break free and help Barry stop him.

Breacher returns to Star Labs needing Cisco’s help as he believes his powers have been taken by some vampires he’s been battling. After some tests, Caitlin discovers that the actual truth is that he’s loosing his powers due to old age and leaves it to Cisco to break the news. He tries, but only makes things worse by masking Breacher’s power loss and ends up having to rescue him from the vampires. Breacher visits Cisco again at the end of the episode a little less angry (he really didn’t appreciate Cisco’s earlier GoT Khaleesi joke) and having come to terms with what is happening to him, asks Cisco to replace him. My soul would be crushed into teeny tiny unrepairable pieces if Cisco took his offer, but he’s clearly contemplating it.

Its not long until Barry and Ralph come face to face with Null and she’s not as accommodating as some of the other metas they have met. She runs off after changing Barry’s bone density, quite literally turning him into a balloon. This was pretty damn funny!!! When he’s brought back down to Earth, Barry throws a wobbly at Ralph for not taking things as seriously as he does. He benches Ralph and stops him from helping any further. Of course, Barry later apologises to Ralph after Iris makes him see that maybe he’s just annoyed that Ralph isn’t doing things exactly as he wants. She shows him that Ralph’s methods may be different, but he’s still a great part of the team. Barry must be feeling even worse about being so mean when Ralph tells him that he uses humour to cover up his fear after a bit of a crappy childhood. They kiss and make up and go after Null together. Ralph is left to save the day once again after Null sends Barry floating up into the Earth’s atmosphere. He stops Null in her tacks and saves Barry as he falls back to the ground by turning into a giant whoopee cushion … genius!!!! Ralph also gives Cisco a run for his money with some pretty decent geeky references this week.

Harry has been getting more and more grouchy each week and a revelation at the end of this episode shows that he not only just looks the same as Dr Wells.

This season is starting to draw to a close but there’s still so much left to happen and with some new twists and storylines this week there’s no chance of things slowing down.