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The Flash S4E15 ‘Enter Flashtime’ review

We start off as expected, with Barry stressing out and pushing himself to work hard enough to defeat DeVoe. Cisco has found a way to track his past activity, and discovers that he had been plotting and scheming for three years to get to this point. Jesse Quick arrives after receiving an apology cube from Harry and it’s very tense between the father and daughter.

An attack on an ARGUS container by a woman named Veronica Dale and her pals changes the direction of the episode. It’s quite literally a race against time as Barry and Jesse enter ‘flashtime’ to try and stop the nuclear weapon Veronica set off, from exploding and destroying Central City. Jay Garrick is recruited from Earth 2 to try and help too. If you’re wondering what flashtime is exactly, it’s where the speedsters are moving so fast that everything else around them is effectively standing still. Barry works his way round Cisco, Killer Frost and Harry to use their abilities and knowledge to help him stop the explosion. Harry freaks out and the other’s powers don’t work at the rate that Barry is moving and he practically crumbles with the pressure. It doesn’t help either that Jay and Jesse couldn’t keep up so have to leave the race.

Slowing down and becoming quite delirious, Barry makes his way to Iris. He brings her up to speed (haha). He tells her that he just can’t save them all this time. It was a little heartbreaking seeing Barry so distraught. He’s not used to not having the answer, or having one of his friends being able to save the day if he can’t. As they say their farewells Barry tells Iris that she’s his lightening rod (erm … not sure how to take that) which triggers a thought! All that time tapping away on the Star Labs computers must have taught Iris a thing or two as she comes up with an ingenious suggestion. Barry travels to the speed force, removes the decoy Barry which Caitlin and Cisco placed in there, to create a lightening rod which stops the nuclear blast. Phew! After all the excitement, Jay makes his way home after announcing that he’s hanging up his hat to train up a new Flash on his Earth. Jesse also leaves but after Harry places a device on her head allowing her to read his mind and hear memories of her mother.

As the episode ends, Caitlin and Harry grab a coffee. Caitlin confides in him that she’s spooked that she can remember what Killer Frost was feeling and thinking as she never has before. Could this mean they are growing closer into one person? Their chat is interrupted by the girl we saw in the coffee shop a few episodes ago, spilling coffee over Caitlin. While they all laugh it off it becomes clear that the encounter was very much planned by the girl. What is she after???

Quite an emotionally charged episode this week. Barry didn’t seem this distressed even when trying to stop Savitar from killing Iris last season. I enjoyed having Jay And Jesse helping Barry – it’s exciting seeing the speedsters working together. If only Kid Flash made an appearance! I also need to mention how much I love Jesse Quick’s Flash costume. It’s nice to have more back story into Harry as it gives insight into the way he behaves around the others.