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The Flash S4E10 ‘The Trial of The Flash’ Review

Contains Spoilers!

Let’s have a quick recap of what was going down in Central City before Team Flash took a break over Christmas. After defeating the evil forces from Earth X, Barry and Iris finally got married. We met Clifford DeVoe and his wife, Marlize who have been orchestrating events to accomplish a master plan they have put together. The Flash’s midseason finale left Barry being framed and arrested for killing DeVoe, when in reality DeVoe had taken over the body of Dominic Lanse, a young meta with psychic abilities. Doesn’t this mean that we should call DeVoe’s alter ego ‘The Thinker who also knows what you’re thinking’ now?

Barry seems resigned to his fate, and although he pleads that he’s been framed he can’t deny that all the evidence firmly shows him to be guilty. Joe and Ralph go on a mission to find evidence to exonerate Barry while his trial begins. Cecile heads Barry’s defence and the only real play she has is to convince the Judge and jury of what a good man he is, and how much he has helped the city in his line of work. This tactic doesn’t work well at all and Cecile is left with no option but to beg Barry to come clean as The Flash. He refuses to do this, and even stops Iris from doing so at the courthouse. Marlize plays a blinder on the stand as the grieving wife, and there’s no denying that Barry’s fate is sealed.

There’s a subplot this week which keeps Cisco, Caitlin and Harry busy. There’s also a new meta in town, Fallout, who oozes radiation causing people to pass out around him. It takes him a while to realise what’s happened to him, and much like Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (yes, we can enjoy both DC and Marvel!), it’s his fear that causes him to become a threat at first. Barry doesn’t do himself any favours by leaving the courthouse to deal with Fallout. He manages to contain the radiation before Cisco vibes him to Earth 15 and Central City is safe once again.

The Flash — “The Trial of The Flash” — Image Number: FLA410b_0142b .jpg — Pictured (L-R): Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, Jesse L. Martin as Detective Joe West and Candice Patton as Iris West — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Back in court, the jury reaches a verdict and Barry is found guilty of murder. He is sentenced to life in prison with no parole, and when taken to his cell realises its the same one his father was kept in. Who else thinks Captain Cold needs to show up to assist Barry in a prison break?!

This episode leaves you wondering what the hell is going to happen next? I think we can all assume Barry will be set free at some point, but mostly I can’t wait to see what The Thinker has got planned! I love that this season has given us lighthearted Barry back, and I don’t enjoy the more serious side to him so I’m hoping he’s set free pretty quickly. PS I love Ralph Dibny!