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Ted Lasso Season 2 Ep 1 “Goodbye, Earl”

We return to AFC Richmond for a new season as we welcome Mr Ted Lasso back into our hearts.

Season 1 was a surprise hit for me during lockdown last year and I completely fell in love with this show. With characters you instantly connect with and moments which overload you with emotions, Ted Lasso became something very special. It’s quite rare to find something which makes you feel that emotional just because it makes you feel so happy!


This first episode gets the ball rolling by filling us in on what’s been happening and setting up what’s to come. The very first scene makes you cringe as much as you laugh as Dani’s (Cristo Fernández) attempt at breaking the team’s 7 draw streak is ruined by kicking the ball at their doggy mascot, Earl, while trying to score a goal. The affects of this play out over the episode as sports psychologist, Doctor Sharon (Sarah Niles) is brought in to fix his case of the yips (basically Dani has forgotten the basics of football due to the trauma). I think Sharon will act as the tough nut Ted attempts to crack for season 2 as she doesn’t seem overly impressed by him in their initial meetings, although he does seem a bit spooked at her presence too.

With Nathan (Nick Mohammed) moving up the ranks at the club, there’s a ‘new Nathan’ behind the scenes and watching Nathan getting frustrated with Will (Charlie Hiscock) is hilarious. Is he a bit too Nathan for Nathan’s liking? The biggest change to the show is Roy’s (Brett Goldstein) retirement from football but even this gives us some good laughs. Roy had to be my favourite character in season 1. He’s so hard faced and jagged but shows so much heart when he chooses to let people see. Perhaps at a bit of a loose end, he’s now coaching an under 9’s girls football club and what’s hilarious to watch is how he hasn’t dropped the choice language, even in their presence. Still in a relationship with Keeley (Juno Temple), they go on a double date with Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) and her brash, braggy new boyfriend. Rebecca seems to be starting off on a new journey this season too and I’m really hoping that we get to see her being happy by the end of it.

As the episode wraps up Roy is finishing off his weekly yoga class with a group of Mums. As they all settle down with a glass of wine to watch the Love Island-esque ‘Lust Conquers All’ we discover that Jamie Tartt (Phil Dunster) is one of the participants and he’s still just as much a cocky douchebag as he was when we saw him last. This also brings a nice little cameo from Fleur East.

I’m so happy that Jason Sudeikis has the opportunity to play the loveable Ted Lasso again (and for an already confirmed third season) and to have all the positivity, quirky quotes and anecdotes which catch you right in the feels that he brings. This show is like a big comfort blanket and I’m ready to let the good vibes in.