Supergirl & The Flash: Crossover Poster & Details Revealed

CBS has released a new poster and details for the special Supergirl/The Flash crossover titled “Worlds Finest” in which Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen from CW’s The Flash will team up with Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl to take down two villains! The poster is a great homage to the classic “Superman vs. The Flash” comic book cover which you can check out below.





“Lost and confused after spiraling from his universe and landing in Kara’s, The Flash asks for her help in finding his way back home. Excited to finally come face-to-face with one of the good guys, Kara agrees on one condition: The super-runner has to help her take down her ultra-competitive co-worker and screeching malefactor Siobhan, aka Silver Banshee, and Supergirl’s old nemesis, Livewire.”

The Flash/Supergirl crossover episode ‘World’s Finest’ airs in the US on CBS on March 28, 2016.

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