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Stargirl 1×04 “Wildcat” Review

Following last week’s emotional episode which explored the tragic past of  Jordan Mahkent’s Icicle whilst pitting him against Stargirl and S.T.R.I.P.E with tragic consequences, Courtney is more determined than ever to establish the new version of the Justice Society of America (JSA). Taking a brief step away from fleshing out the villains of the piece, the writers focus their attention on Courtney’s first recruit, Yolanda Montez, in a more teen drama outing.

After Stargirl’s first showdown with Icicle ended with Joey’s death, things are rocky between the young teen and her sidekick, Pat. Realising she needs extra help if she wants to take on the Injustice Society in the future, Courtney sets out to recruit new members of the JSA, starting with social outcast Yolanda Montez (Yvette Monreal).

Setting aside the Injustice Society in favour of fleshing out the characters at Blue Valley High School, the writers set out to explore the backstory of Yolanda Montez, the first recruit of Courtney’s new JSA. Opening with a flashback to three months ago, we quickly get up to speed on why Yolanda acts the way she does, following a heartbreaking public betrayal from ex boyfriend Henry (Jake Austin Walker) and mean girl Cindy (Meg DeLacy).

Disgraced and shamed by her family, the teen is understandably angsty and initially rejects Courtney’s invitation to hang out. But as the two grow closer and the young hero reveals her secret, Yolanda agrees to try on the Wildcat costume. The ensuing suit up and power test scenes definitely channel the fun of Shazam! as they head out on a mini mission together. Brec and Yvette have a great onscreen chemistry and I genuinely loved their excitement as they went undercover to unveil more of Wildcat’s powers, checking out Wikipedia to help!

With the empowering feeling of embracing the alter ego of Wildcat under her belt, contrasted with her heartbreaking homelife, there’s no doubt Yolanda’s going to take up the mantle and join the JSA. Next stop – Doctor Mid-Nite and Hourman, and guess who conveniently overhears Courtney revealing Wildcat’s identity…!

Meanwhile as Pat collects parts to work on S.T.R.I.P.E, his suspicions surrounding the Injustice Society and just how much they control the town bubbles to the surface in a rather dark turn. We’re also introduced to another mysterious (and super creepy) member of the Injustice League, Dr. Ito’s Dragon King, who teases more about “Project New America”. I’m getting serious Dr.Frankenstein vibes from this guy, particularly as he admits he’s been “working on his daughter” and wants the Magician’s body to experiment on. If that didn’t creep you out, then his reptile-esque eyes certainly will!


“Wildcat” continues the fun adventures of Stargirl as she launches her JSA recruitment programme in this family friendly DC outing. It’s just a shame that she was apart from Pat for much of the episode, as they really are the heart and soul of the show. Just like Shazam, it seems as if the ‘loser’ kids are becoming the heroes of the tale, as the writer’s lay the groundwork with Beth and Rick’s upcoming involvement in the JSA.