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Stargirl 1×08 “Shiv, Part Two” Review

Following last week’s excellent opening instalment which expertly built up the parallels between Cindy (Meg DeLacy) and Courtney (Brec Bassinger), “Shiv, part two” picks up events straight after their explosive clash in a wonderfully tense episode.

After the unexpected showdown with Cindy, Courtney finds herself in a bad way in hospital, leaving Pat (Luke Wilson) to devise a cover story for her injuries. Begrudgingly lying to Barbara about a fabricated car accident, Pat decides they should both come clean to her about their alter egos. Meanwhile Cindy takes heat from her father following her failed attempt on Stargirl’s life, while Yolanda (Yvette Monreal), Beth (Anjelika Washington) and Rick (Cameron Gellman) decide to investigate just who Cindy’s parents really are.

Things are starting to get real for Courtney, Pat and the JSA as Cindy is looking to finish what she started in order to join her father and finally get a seat at the ISA table. in a fantastically tense game of cat and mouse, “Shiv, part two” continues the brilliant Cindy and Courtney dynamic as the high school bully visits the injured Stargirl. Initially seeming to get her back on side with chocolates and apologies, the writers construct a comedically suspenseful scene as Courtney attempts to work out whether Cindy knows her true secret identity.

Meanwhile, the other members of the JSA set out to find out investigate the true identity of Cindy’s parents, with Beth boldly exploring the villain’s house to find any significant clues. This side plot gives the supporting characters a nice scenario to shine, whilst also ramping up the tension as Cindy narrowly discovers their plan. Stumbling into the villain’s secret basement, Beth hilariously discovers Soloman Grundy whilst Pat attempts to distract Cindy’s stepmom (Lesa Wilson) in another great comedic scene. Most importantly, the young team discover the villain’s father is Dr Shiro Ito and the disturbing fact that he was executed for war crimes.

Culminating in an intense but scrappy brawl as Cindy finally reveals her true intensions and threatens Courtney’s friends, the episode impressively switches from suspenseful comedy to dramatic superhero fare. Complicating matters is Henry (Jake Austin Walker) as he breaks up the showdown between Shiv and Stargirl, but in the process discovers the latter’s true identity. After stumbling upon his father’s costume and the fact that Cindy was planted to “watch over him and his powers”, it’s unclear to see which side Henry will align with.


“Shiv, part two” is another brilliantly tense instalment which has real consequences for Courtney and Henry, featuring another great fight sequence between Shiv and Stargirl. With secret identities on the line, tensions between the JSA and the ISA will surely come to the forefront, and I can’t wait to see what will happen next.