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Spies in Disguise Review

Based on Lucas Martell’s short film Pigeon: Impossible, Spies in Disguise is the latest animated film to hit cinemas from first time directors Nick Bruno and Troy Quane. This family-friendly film is perfect for the festive period, mixing elements of a fun, mismatched buddy comedy with an espionage spoof.

Super spy Lance Sterling (Will Smith) has been framed for treason following a botched mission in Japan, and has to team up with nerdy tech officer Walter Beckett (Tom Holland) in order to catch villain Killian (Ben Mendelsohn). But to track Killian down, Lance has to go undercover to avoid the secret service, and Walter has the perfect invention to help – incidentally transforming Lance into an urm, pigeon…

The spy action adventure races by with nonstop gags and fun set pieces involving a number of Walter’s barmy gadgets and Lance’s nearly formed pigeon flock as they try and evade Internal Affairs operative Marcy (Rashida Jones). The usual Bond-esques tropes are included; flashy cars, sharp suits, cool gadgets and title sequence, but with the added heart of Walter’s pacifist ideals and Lance’s journey to accepting working with a team. There’s also a LOT of pigeon-based slapstick that the kids will undoubtedly love!

The dynamic between the ever charismatic Will Smith and endearing Tom Holland really was brilliant, with Lance and Walter’s growing friendship proving the soul of the film. The supporting voice cast was also equally impressive, featuring Ben Mendelsohn, Rashida Jones, Karen Gillan and DJ Khaled.


Spies in Disguise is a fun and heartwarming spy spoof/body swap comedy that the whole family will enjoy, bridging the gap until No Time to Die is finally released next year!