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Snatched Review

Written by Louie Fecou


Amy Schumar and Goldie Hawn are mother and daughter that end up going on holiday to Ecuador after Schumar is dumped by her rock star boyfriend. 20 minutes in they are “snatched”, and cue action and adventure as they try to escape their kidnappers and somehow get home.

It’s a pretty simple premise, so the performances and the script have to hit the mark to make it work. To be fair, there are moments that make you laugh, especially in the first act, and the audience (mainly ladies I noted for some reason) that we watched this with that certainly enjoyed the film, quite vocally.




As things go from bad to worse for our hapless heroines, the situations grow more and more bizarre, and we are introduced to various kooky characters who seem to drift in and out of the proceedings with very little motivation.
There are two ladies in the same resort as our leads, that are set up to play what feels like an important part in the final act.

Ruth and Barb seem aware of the dangers at work locally, and warn our mum and daughter to be careful before they are kidnapped. It is quite clearly explained that Barb, played by Joan Cusak, is ex special forces and has a certain skill set that could be helpful later on in the movie. Unfortunately this sub plot really goes nowhere, and that is fundamentally the problem here.




Things just seem to happen, Schumar and Hawn drift through the set pieces and we are never ever really in any doubt that they will both make it to the embassy and be saved. Characters are introduced then disregarded never to be mentioned or spoke of again. Of course they will make it home, of course their relationship will be saved and everyone comes out as better people than the ones they started out as. It isn’t even a spoiler because I can’t imagine anyone seeing this and seriously wondering how this film was going to end.

It’s silly and whimsical and although there are a few good laughs, it has very little of substance and I can’t imagine anyone except die hard fans of the lead duo, rushing out to buy this on blue ray to experience it again.
Perhaps this is a little harsh, it does have a couple of chuckles in there, but ultimately it’s lightweight and predictable and there is that feeling towards the end where you are just waiting for the credits to roll.


Rating: 4 out of 10