Rick and Morty’s Pickle Rick is becoming a Funko Pop!

One of Rick’s craziest inventions, turning himself into a pickle, in the third episode of series 3 has been the highlight of the series so far. Rick turned himself into a pickle to avoid going to family therapy but accidentally fell down a drain into the sewers, what happened next was one of Rick’s most violent adventures! Funnily enough, he still ended up at family therapy…

Two variations of Pickle Rick have been revealed by Funko; Pickle Rick and Pickle Rick with a Laser! The first figure, Pickle Rick, is complete with spikes on his arms from THAT sewer battle with rats. While the next figure, Pickle Rick with laser, features a shoulder mounted laser and a duracell battery from his hilarious battle with Jaguar. Check them out below!


According to Funko’s blog these figures will be available in December – just in time for Christmas!

Nicola Austin

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