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Review: X-O MANOWAR #11 “Visigoth” Part 1

blankX-O Manowar #11
Valiant Comics

Written by: Matt Kindt
Art by: Ryan Bodenheim

From soldier to general to emperor…to outcast! The climax of X-O MANOWAR’s whirlwind first year in the Valiant Universe starts here as “VISIGOTH” begins with a bold new entry point from New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (ETERNITY) and explosive artist Ryan Bodenheim (The Dying & The Dead)!

After Valiant introduced the new X-O MANOWAR series last year Aric has had quite a year and is currently toiling as Emperor of planet Gorin. Kindt builds this new story arc, which Valiant touts as it’s latest jumping on point for new readers. It clearly builds on Arics’ sense of self reliance and confidence against a backdrop of the threat of civil war that currently looms and a litany of disasters affecting the population. Visigoth, so named after Arics’ earthly origins, begins a fantastic story of betrayal, intrigue and fantastic sci-fi fights. The story line is an exciting starting point for new readers introducing a new path for X-O MANOWAR , following Arics’ meteoric rise and now, due to a surprising betrayal, his equally drastic fall from grace, I can only hope that Kindt follows the arc of the outcast through, rather than just brush over this fall and rely more on Arics’ warrior roots.

The art style and direction throughout the book is fantastic. The style and colour of the landscapes is fantastic and alien. The colours used throughout, particularly those panels showing the sky, invoke feelings of a strange yet homely place. This is an alien planet where a human can become an emperor, it blankstill showcases a harsh environment, but it’s one the reader can feel somewhat familiar with and not afraid to explore. The panels which demonstrate just how skilled Bodenheim is at portraying the story are those which nothing is said, where Aric is shown hung from the long dead carcass of some giant creature. The animals, the bones and the wasteland shown here tell the reader so much without words, even done to the small details of the scars and flies adorning Arics’ body.

In short, Kindt and Bodenheim provide a fantastic new arc, for readers new and old alike. I’m looking forward to seeing exactly where they take the story next.

Rating: 9 out of 10