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Review: Thanos #15 ‘Thanos Wins’ Part 3

Thanos #15
Marvel Comics

Written by: Donny Cates
Art by: Geoff Shaw
Colours by: Antonio Fabela
Letters by: VC’s Clayton Cowles

Thanos has been dragged to the future by the cosmic Ghost Rider to aid his older self in winning back the love of his life; death. King Thanos rules the universe and has defeated everyone in his path for his beloved, yet she’s still not by his side. He must defeat one last foe in an upcoming battle in order to gain her affection, but King Thanos needs his younger self’s help to win. Will Thanos put his issues aside and help his older self?

Thanos #15 opens with a gloriously dark splash page of Thanos looking into the penance stare of the cosmic Ghost Rider, admiring his deepest and darkest deeds. We learn King Thanos does this every morning, celebrating his favourite and most despicable acts – what a way to kickstart your day! Young Thanos is becoming more impatient at his older self; he’s disappointed that he is still a slave to his beloved death and that she’s his sole weakness, since he just renounced the Black Lady. We’re also treated to two big reveals in this issue; the identity of the cosmic Ghost Rider and the Fallen One, as well as finding out the fate of the Hulk!

This issue gives us another compelling look at the psyche of the Mad Titan; he literally has everything he’s ever wanted. He’s defeated everyone that’s opposed him, he’s conquered numerous worlds and he rules the galaxy – but this simply isn’t enough, not without lady Death beside him. Cates is doing a phenomenal job exploring this villain and fleshing him out in ways no other author has done so far. The dynamics between Thanos and King Thanos are so interesting; Thanos should (in theory) treat his elder with respect, but he’s disgusted that the King is a slave to his beloved. I’m also a big fan of King Thanos’ bead, but personally my favourite has to be the cosmic Ghost Rider, I love that he’s so deliciously crazy because he’s spent so many years with Thanos! 

The art in this issue continues to be absolutely fantastic, with Shaw bringing so much detail to the Mad King. The panels featuring close ups of the two characters are so intricate, especially the added wrinkles and beard of King Thanos – Shaw also does the iconic Thanos grin so well! There’s also really impressive splash panels, especially the opening of the Ghost Rider’s penance stare – Fabela’s colours are just fantastic.

Thanos is continuing to be a must read title with issue #15 setting things up nicely for the huge battle ahead! Donny Cates is proving one of Marvel’s best writers at the moment, what with his phenomenal runs on both Thanos and Doctor Strange exploring some of the publisher’s best villains. I absolutely loved the reveals in this issue and can’t wait to see how things are going to play out. Also, please can we have more cosmic Ghost Rider?!

Rating: 9 out of 10