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Review: Runaways #5 “Find Your Way Back Home” Part 5

Runaways #5
Marvel Comics

Written by: Rainbow Rowell
Art by: Kris Anka
Colours by: Matthew Wilson
Letters by: VC’s Joe Caramagna

So Molly’s grandma starts running tests on Gert – turns out she might be an evil scientist after all…Chase begins work on Victor’s robotic head to try and bring him back to life, while Nico’s reunites with a lost Karolina looking to bring the team back together. Can the rest of the gang regroup in time to rescue Molly and Gert?!

Gert’s now living with Molly and her super nice grandma, trying to settle back into a life where everyone else has moved on. Weirdly though, Molly’s grandma starts running tests on Gert’s DNA, leading Molly to reveal that she might not be the sweet old grandma she’s making out to be. Oh and did I mention the army of pink glowy eyed cats?! Ever since the last issue I thought something was up with Molly’s grandma, she was way too nice and those cats were straight up creepy…Back at the hostel and Chase is trying to reanimate Victor Mancha’s robotic head, not realising that he’s actually conscious while he’s hilariously slagging him off the entire time, oh Chase! We also get an emotional moment between the ever complicated Nico and Karolina, I genuinely really wish these two could be happy together.

Runaways #5 is an excellent insight into the shattered lives of the group, with Rainbow Rowell perfectly capturing the voices and characterisations of each character. We get a deeper exploration of Molly and Gert’s touching relationship and how Gert’s not coping well since being brought back from the dead. It’s a heartbreaking moment when such a strong character ends up alone with only her pet dinosaur beside her. The scenes between Chase and Victor gave the issue some much needed laughs, with Victor proving the key to bringing the gang back together to save Molly and Gert. However the issue was lacking in Nico considering she was the main feature of the front cover. In the final panels of the book we also get an injection of action we’ve all been waiting for now we’re five issues into the series, as well as a legitimate villain that the gang will have to work together to stop! 

The art in this issue adds another layer of depth as Anka really brings each character to life with such vivid and detailed portrayals. You can see a vast array of emotion on each of the young adults faces, whether it’s Chase’s giddy excitement or Gert’s heartbreak. I’m also really enjoying the soft colours combined with the cartoonish style used in the books so far.

Runaways #5 is the best issue of the new run so far, proving a fantastic combination of characterisation and overall plot. Rowell has nailed each of the gang and I can’t wait to see her finally bring them back together as they battle Molly’s grandma and her army of telepathic cats!

Rating: 9 out of 10