Quantum and Woody #1 comic review

Quantum and Woody #1
Valiant Comics

Written by: Daniel Kibblesmith
Art by: Kano

Disclaimer: I’m aware that this series is a renewal of an older series of the same name, but I did not read the original books. I may be unaware of certain references, nuances or inside jokes. I am judging this book on nothing but its own merit.

I found Quantum and Woody 2017 #1 to be a joyful and adventurous ode to what superhero stories used to be, before many comic books lost their focus on telling a story that should just be fun or entertaining. A simple, humorous tale, or so it appears.

This is a story of two very different brothers and their unusual lives. Using constant flashbacks and flash-forwards to give brief introductions to the characters and the situation. It seemed to be an issue to set up the rest of the series.

It had a few moments that made me laugh out loud, even though many of the jokes were a miss for me. I was particularly pleased with some of the creative uses of panel structure, which I haven’t seen used to this extent very often. The art was not as consistent as I would have expected, but it had some commendable action scenes, seeming to suffer more on still moments of dialogue, where it seemed a struggle to keep some of these moments dynamic. Seeing the way the brother’s relationship has progressed over time was interesting, but secondary characters didn’t seem anywhere near as compelling as the main duo. The story seems a little scattered, so with any luck it will come together within the next few issues.

So far I’m curious to see where the story will go, but I don’t really know what direction it will take. As it is now, I’ll have to give this issue a 7/10.

Rating: 7/10

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