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Prime Video riffs on a certain film cut in new ‘Dawn of the Seven’ teaser & poster

With the highly anticipated third season of Prime Video’s The Boys just around the corner, promotion has ramped up for the TV series with a hilarious parody trailer & poster for film Dawn of the Seven.

Accompanying the meta promotional materials from ‘Vought International’ is the hashtag #ReleaseTheBourkeCut, along with a distinct look and feel – mirroring a certain other superhero blockbuster…

When darkness descends on the world, and it seems all hope is lost, seven heroes will rise. Seven who will stand. Seven who will fight. Seven who will restore light and hope, and see the sun rise on a new era. This is the true story of the greatest superhero team the world has ever known. This is the Dawn of The Seven.

The Boys season 3 will return with three new episodes on 3rd June, followed by one additional episode each subsequent Friday, ending with the season finale on Friday, 8th July.

Check out the trailer & poster below: