Podcast #70 – Thor Ragnarok + Desmond Chiam

In this episode we’re joined by special guest Desmond Chiam who plays General Riga in the Shannara Chronicles series 2. We also review the latest Marvel film Thor Ragnarok and round up the latest TV, enjoy!

00:00 – 06:02 Intro and at Home with the Hulks
06:02 – 20:12 Thor Ragnarok spoiler free review
20:12 – 36:27 TV roundup
36:27 – 53:43 Desmond Chiam interview
53:43 – 57:26 Outro

Nicola Austin

Lover of all things Marvel, DC, Game of Thrones, Disney, Pokemon and Studio Ghibli. Favourite superhero is Ms Marvel closely followed by Spider-Man.

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