Once Upon A Time Episode Sneak Peek

2 New Videos for This Weeks All New Once Upon a Time!

Following the revelation that Emma turned Hook into another dark one to save his life after getting mortally wounded by Excalibur back in Camelot, ‘Captain Dark One’ is looking for revenge, as seen in the following sneak peek….

The second clip shows Regina, Snow and Prince Charming’s reaction when they finally find out what Emma’s plan is, and Regina gives Hook a great new name…

I’m pretty intrigued to see how this all pans out and what the end game is for Hook, I found it such a blow when Emma and him started planning their life together for him to get mortally wounded back in Camelot. Hook’s character has developed so much over the past few seasons for good, so for him to find out that he’s the dark one and to go straight back to revenge mode is pretty disappointing! However I do love Colin O’Donoghue’s take on imitating Rumple, deary!

Once Upon A Time returns in the US on ABC tonight 8|7c and in the UK on Netflix on Wednesday 2nd December.



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