New ‘Legion’ season 3 trailer gives us our first look at Charles Xavier

FX has released the first bonkers trailer for the third and final series of Legion which looks like it will be equally as trippy as the first two seasons! There’s a real Alice in Wonderland vibe to the teaser, as the Marvel show introduces time travel to the mix.

There’s a lot going on in the teaser but the most exciting aspect is our first look at Game of Thrones‘ Harry Lloyd as Charles Xavier, who appears to be using a prototype of Cerebro. We’ve been waiting so long for the show to tie into the wider universe, and after the cancellation of The Gifted, this is the perfect time for the show to do so.

Check out the trailer below!

Here’s the breakdown from Marvel on just what the hell is going on in the trailer!

The third season is going to be a real power trip. As seen in the trailer, David Haller, now a leader of a psychedelic commune that worships him, recruits a time traveler, Switch, to help him save lives, starting with his own. Self-dubbed the ‘Magic Man,’ David helps his followers open their minds. However, Amahl Farouk and Syd are determined to kill David. David believes he’s a good person but Syd reminds him that he “ends the world.”

Returning characters include; David, Farouk, Syd, an upgraded Ptonomy Wallace, Kerry Loudermilk, Cary Loudermilk, Clark DeBussy and Lenny Busker.

Legion season 3 returns to FX on June 24.

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