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My Top 10 Christmas Films

With the kids jingle belling and everyone telling you be of good cheer! Ok so now it’s the 1st December I’m allowed to start talking about Christmas right? When it comes to this time of the year I do love a good Christmas film to get me in the festive mood, so I’ve ranked my top 10 favourite. Some of them might be a little controversial, but I think it’s a good mix of new and old to bring on the merry feels!

10. Love Actually


Love Actually Christmas Poster

Richard Curtis’ ensemble film about, well love surprisingly, is a such a great Christmas film as there’s so many wonderful story lines, both happy and heartbreaking. There’s Hugh Grant as the dancing prime minister falling in love with the new junior member of the household staff, Martin Freeman and Joanna Page as the professional body doubles who hilariously yet awkwardly bond over their sex scene, Andrew Lincoln’s beautifully heartbreaking to me you are perfect scene and Laura Linney’s utter devotion to her brother. But Bill Nighy steals the show for me with his terrible yet amazing rendition of ‘Christmas is All Around’ – utter classic.

Favourite line: (Billy Mack) It’s a terrible, terrible mistake, Chubs, but you turn out to be the fucking love of my life. And to be honest, despite all my complaining, we have had a wonderful life.

9. Sound of Music


Julie Andrews dancing on a hill

Ok so technically not a Christmas film, but it’s always on at this time of year, so to me it will always remind me of the festive period and also my grandma, as this is her favourite. It’s such a lovely film with an amazing soundtrack (everyone knows at least one song…) about Maria, who’s not so good at trying to be a nun, so she becomes the Von Trapp governess instead. The Von Trapp children try and drive her away but instead she wins them over with songs about kittens and warm woollen mittens, (who wouldn’t fall for that!) and Maria and their father, Captain Von Trapp, slowly realise they have fallen in love with each other, aww. Oh and some Nazi’s are thrown in for a bit of peril.

Favourite Lines:  Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens,
Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens,
Brown paper packages tied up with strings,
These are a few of my favourite things.

8. Miracle on 34th Street


Santa an child on the Miracle on 34th Film Poster

So this is a classic Christmas film with a bit of a cheesy, yet sweet, message about ‘dreams coming true if you really believe’. Richard Attenborough is great as Kris Kringle/Father Christmas and it’s really nice to see Mara Wilson in another role after the brilliant Matilda. 

Favourite Line: (Kris) Oh, but there is. I’m not just a whimsical figure who wears a charming suit and affects a jolly demeanour. You know, I… I… I’m a symbol. I’m a symbol. I’m a symbol of the human ability to be able to suppress the selfish and hateful tendencies that rule the major part of our lives. If… You can’t believe, if you can’t accept anything on faith, then you’re doomed for a life dominated by doubt.

7. The Snowman


A boy and a snowman flying

We’re walking in the air, we’re floating in the moonlit sky…you can’t have Christmas without The Snowman, that’s the rules! It’s just under 30 minutes long, has no words except for the ‘Walking in the Air’ song and yet still became a Christmas classic. The drawings are gorgeous and I don’t care how old I am I still want to go flying with the snowman to the snowman’s party! The ending will always bring a tear to the eye though – poor snowman, *sniff*

Favourite Line: We’re walking in the air
We’re floating in a moonlit sky
The people far below
Are sleeping as we fly

6. The Polar Express



This film is just beautiful and especially great in 3D, with some good action scenes! The story follows the magical Polar Express train and it’s journey to the North Pole, but of course it’s not a smooth journey to see Santa (it never is!). Tom Hanks also plays six characters in the film, fun fact for you!

Favourite Line: Why, to the North Pole, of course! This is the Polar Express!

5. Die Hard


Bruce Willis holding a light in Die Hard

Again, technically not a Christmas film but it is set at Christmas… Arguably one of the best action films, Die Hard is great for when you get sick of all the singing and good will – nothing says Christmas more than ‘now I have a machine gun. Ho-Ho-Ho’.

Favourite Line: Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker!

4. It’s a Wonderful Life



Another Christmas classic that makes you think about the real meaning of this time of the year. This is the story of George Bailey, a man who is ready to commit suicide on Christmas eve and how his guardian angel Clarence saves his life to gain his pair of angel wings. Clarence shows George what life would have been like without him, to which George finally can see how important his life is. He runs home to his family to spend Christmas with them and his brother toasts ‘here’s to my big brother George, the richest man in town’ – n’aww

Favourite Line: I want to live again! I want to live again!

3. Elf



Buddy the elf is Will Ferrell’s best character, even better than Ron Burgundy (shocking). Elf is hands down one of my favourite films, EVER. The film is just so hilarious and quotable. ‘You sit on a throne of lies!’ or ‘Buddy the elf, what’s you’re favourite colour’ or ‘you’re so pretty, your face should be on a Christmas card’. See. It’s just such a silly film but with real heart and such great characters. Oh and a hilarious cameo from Peter Dinklage, pre Game of Thrones. I dare you to call him elf one more time…

Favourite Line: The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!

2. Muppets Christmas Carol


Muppets Christmas Carol

Michael Caine + Muppets + singing, what more could you want from a Christmas film?! Ok, maybe take Miss Piggy out of the equation and then it would be perfect! Gonzo and Rizzo are great narrators of the classic Charles Dickens tale and Caine is perfect as Scrooge. I think I will always be scared of the ghost of Christmas yet to come though, eek…

Favourite Line: Light the lamp, not the rat, light the lamp.

1. Home Alone


Home alone

Could it be any other film at number one?! Kevin McCallister’s dream comes true as he has the whole house to himself over Christmas as his family leaves him behind when they travel to Paris (oops). He finds out it’s not all fun and games though when he has to protect his home from the ‘wet bandits’. Well he gets to use a blow torch, so that’s always fun.

Favourite Line: Keep the change, ya filthy animal!

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