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Minions: The Rise of Gru Review

Everyone’s favourite loveable little yellow creatures are back on our screens after a five-year hiatus and they’ve not lost any of their charm that made people of all ages fall in love with them back when the first Despicable Me film came out in 2010. It’s not going to win over anyone that can’t stand Gru’s tiny henchman, but if you’re on board then Minions: The Rise of Gru will take you for jam-packed, humour filled 88 minutes.

Immediately, the minions return on top form. The film hasn’t even started properly by the time they appear on screen with a few mischievous minions destroying the Illumination Entertainment logo until all that remains are the letters spelling out ‘minion’. And right up until the end of the film (and there is a scene mid-way through the credits worth sticking around for) they don’t let up with their antics.

Having met Gru at the end of the first film, the minions are now tasked with helping the twelve-year-old become the world’s greatest villain. Standing in his way though are the Vicious 6, an eclectic array of villains voiced by some great actors including Jean-Claude Van Damme and Danny Trejo. The 6 are made up of some great pun-filled names which I won’t reveal, but they all help make Gru’s global domination even more difficult.

As usual, the minions are up to the regular antics and are at the top of their game with their physical humour ranging from rolling down the hills of San Francisco to escape the bad guys, to walking into a screening of Jaws with a stink bomb to get the screening to themselves. In addition, there are a number of call-backs including characters and locations that fans of the Despicable Me franchise will enjoy.

It’s incredible how even without talking any English, the minions can provide so much joy and entertainment. And what’s even greater is that each individual minion still has their own unique personality, helping to make the new entry into the franchise just as entertaining, if not more so than the first film. And the three main minions from the first movie – Kevin, Stuart and Bob – are back, this time joined by the equally charming Otto.

A lot of the laughs have been ruined in the trailers – and we’ve had a fair few trailers with the number of delays the film’s had over the past couple of years – but there’s still plenty in the film to keep you laughing throughout.

Minions: The Rise of Gru is laugh out loud comedy with the film providing plenty of laughs for both adults and kids alike. The minions are a delightful creation and The Rise of Gru is full of the silly and ridiculous fun and minion mayhem that we’ve come to expect, and to love, from these wonderful little creatures, leaving you laughing the whole way through.


With a banging soundtrack as the backdrop to the groovy 70s, Minions: The Rise of Gru is a chaotic tumultuous adventure that’s full of bright colours and minions madness.

Minions: The Rise of Gru is in cinemas from July 1st