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MCM Glasgow Comic Con 2019 Review

We were lucky enough to get along to this years MCM Comic Con in Glasgow’s SECC on Saturday the 28th of September. The event this year was another well attended smorgasbord of pop culture covering everything that you would expect from a con.

Once again, the Glasgow cosplay community had done the city proud, with an amazing array of costumes, including lots of Spider-Men and his alternate universe counterparts, plenty of anime and manga contributions, Star Wars favourites and some more out there ideas, including Alex from Clockwork Orange and a brilliantly down played Gillian Anderson, Scully from The X Files.

Of course there was plenty of photo oops and signings, but without sounding too harsh, there was perhaps not as many A list guest stars as we might of hoped. Previous cons in Glasgow have included stars such as Margot Kidder, Christopher Lambert and the guy from the Flash Gordon movie, but on Saturday there was a nice list of actors on site, but I feel there is always a buzz at the con when there is a real movie icon up for grabs. However we did get Gregg Sulkin, John de Lande, Troy Baker, Ian Sinclair, Catherine Sutherland and a few more, but we love a movie icon at these shows and that was perhaps just a timing and booking issue.

On the trade floor, there was an incredible array of merchandise. Everything from the amazing metal artwork stand, showing incredible hand made characters, all compiled from scrap metal, to the hand made prints and jewellery. Artists alley had a prominent floor space, great for the creators that were there, and comic book guests included legends such as David Lloyd, Bart Sears and J. M. DeMatteis.


Weekend tickets for this event had sold out, and you could tell that on Saturday, everybody attended. The event was absolutely chock a block with families, collectors and fans and it was great to see so many people there. Comic book wise though, it has to be said that there were perhaps only 4 major dealers at the show, and it shows that the sale of back issues is either in decline, or everyone is doing it online these days. I can recall conventions back in the day when it would be wall to wall to wall comic dealers, and I would literally spend hours looking through long boxes of bronze and silver age issues, but it is a different world these days, and I am always a little sad when I attend a comic con, and there are only a couple of comic dealers there. However, time moves on, and with that in mind perhaps some of these events should re brand to Pop Culture Con, to be a little more accurate in their show.

Tickets were £14 for a day pass, but kids under 10 get in free with a paying adult. All in all this was a great day out in Glasgow with friendly staff and a nice atmosphere. MCM know how to hold an event, but I would really like more big hitters at the signings and perhaps if the table rates for comic dealers were reduced, they would encourage more to attend.