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Marvel Action: Captain Marvel: Cosmic CAT-tastrophe Review

Marvel & IDW Publishing

Story by: Sam Maggs
Art by: Sweeney Boo
Colours by: Brittany Peer
Letters by: Christa Miesner

Captain Marvel: Cosmic CAT-astrophe is the latest comic for younger readers to hit shelves from IDW Publishing and Marvel Comics partnership. Like DC’s popular young adult lines, this is the latest brand-new adventure aimed at middle grade readers, collecting Captain Marvel issues #1 – 3. Perfect for fans of the film, this delightfully adorable outing will undoubtedly also be well received by fans of the comic book character, along with Spider-Woman and Ms Marvel readers.

When Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel), Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman) and Chewie’s film night gets interrupted by a weird influx of Flerken in the city, the Avenger finds herself in a sticky situation whilst investigating the alien explosion! Transported onto a strange space craft, Carol discovers someone’s weaponising the endangered species and using them for invasions. It looks she might need a little help from her friends to free and save the furry bundles!

This well-paced book was a fur-real breath of fresh air, featuring a winning combination of superhero team-ups, funny villains (Marvel’s Cat-Man anyone?) and plenty of adorable cats! I quickly read this in one go and thoroughly enjoyed it, particularly the adorable opening with Carol and Jessica watching films in their pjs – that’s definitely superhero bff goals. The book also featured lovely, inspiring themes of friendship, working together as a team and girl power, which is pretty inspirational for the target audience. Oh and the dialogue is actually really funny, featuring plenty of cat puns from Carol and the team.

Also flerken amazing is the absolutely adorable artwork from Sweeney Boo, particularly the super cute army of cats! There were a number of great kinetic action scenes too, particularly with the Guardians of the Galaxy involved. I also really liked how Captain Marvel was drawn as a little bit curvy and not just your usual female superhero shape. The bright and bubbly colours from Brittany Peer are perfect for bringing the fun tale to life. Also I never knew I needed to see Chewie in a space suit before reading this book!


Captain Marvel: Cosmic CAT-tastrophe is an adorable space outing with Captain Marvel and friends. Perfect for younger readers along with new and old Captain Marvel fans alike, I couldn’t help but utterly fall in love with this cute little book and the many, many fluffy Flerkins!