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“Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory” release date leaked?

With fans still awaiting the next chapter of the mainline Kingdom Hearts game, the upcoming instalment Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, which was announced in June, is set to be keeping us busy until that time.

The upcoming Square Enix/Disney title is set to be a rhythm-based game featuring over 140 songs from the series, but the company still hasn’t confirmed an official date for the game. We know it’s coming in 2020 to the Nintendo Switch for the first time, along with consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

But a surprise listing on Austrian retailer GameWare’s has accidentally leaked a date and price online according to Twitter user @So_Ethereal, with the proposed release date on 13th November 2020.

Check out the tweet below!

Now you should always take these listings with a pinch of salt as they could simply be placeholders for upcoming games, but with a pre-order price and date listed, this is pretty detailed.

As we haven’t had an official announcement yet, even after this supposed leak, so hopefully there’s a good chance it might be coming very shortly if these details have been shared with retailers.