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Keanu Reeves: The 21st century hero we all need right now

During the course of his career, superstar actor Keanu Reeves has made a surprising amount of sci-fi films (not just The Matrix!) – he’s transported data in his brain while fighting off yakuza gangsters, tried to save the planet with green energy, and battled an evil android replica of himself. And he has done it all in that trademark Keanu style – inscrutable, cool, and unbeatable

Reeves recently explained why he was drawn to the sci-fi genre: “I’m curious about the future and I think growing up on William Gibson and Neuromancer, and reading Philip K. Dick, even Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, science fiction. I dunno, I just feel the motifs that occur in this kind of storytelling is oftentimes examining the world that we live in.”

With The Matrix 4 currently in post-production, and with sci-fi cult classic JOHNNY MNEMONIC celebrating its 25th anniversary with a superb HD digital release, here’s a look at Keanu’s sci-fi roles onscreen, from cinema blockbusters to hit videogames.


Keanu’s first foray into sci-fi was in this hilarious comedy hit, starring as Ted, alongside Alex Winter as his buddy Bill, who set off in a time machine through the ages to do their history homework, meeting along the way Napoleon, Joan of Arc and Genghis Khan! The film made $40million – as Bill and Ted might say “excellent.”


The dopey duo returned for this sequel, this time getting killed off by robot counterparts, and having t